The Politics of Ord Cestus


The Reformationists seek to reform the current government into a more democratic entity. Most adherents believe the government needs to be rebuilt, away from the current regency model and the past constitutional monarchies. The Party for Reformation is the main political movement of this ideal and has only a few seats in the Parliament. They typically disagree with the loyalists and the congressionalists. The main tenet of Reformation is the belief that being under the Empire’s control is inevitable. They seek to limit the Empire’s influence and have a more open, democratic government while seeking voting rights in the Imperial Senate.

Reformationists are closely watched by the Regency and the Party has found itself stifled during elections. Most Reformationists still oppose direct conflict. A large number of Abednedo citizens are reformationists.


The Loyalists are hold-outs from the United Five Kingdoms. They are still loyal to the Council of the Five Families and believe them to the be rightful rulers of the Cestus System. Moderate Loyalists seek to return the government via political means, usually through the Grand Traditional Party in the Parliament, a traditionalist political movement that has very little power and only holds one or two seats. More radical Loyalists belong to the Royal Dawn Brigade, a loyalist militant group that is classified as a terrorist group and outlawed political movement. Many loyalists are older former soldiers or security forces in the Five Kingdoms who fought during the Cestus Civil War.

Strikes by the Culisetto miners in the asteriod belt has become a looming issue due to most hives harboring loyalist views. The Imperial Mining Guild has been focusing resource extraction from the planet and colonies but rumors swirl that the asteriod mines will be siezed next.


The Parliament was crafted as a modern version of the People’s Diet, the former legislative house that created laws during the rule of the Council. Over the past decade the Parliament’s power has slowly been stripped away. The congressionalists want a return to legitimacy for the Parliament and seek to expand it’s role in government. They believe that the Advent Regent needs more checks against his almighty power.

The Social Democratic League is the principal congressionalist party and holds over two dozen seats. They are the primary political rival to the Advent and the Popular Union party.

Herglics, Abednedo and humans make up most of the congressionalist groups.


A prominent political movement, Federalists support the current Regency but want more control at the local level. Predominantly spurred forward by the Shepherd Cities, the Federalists is a majority human and Gran movement that wants to see more independence granted to the vast rural communities on the northern continent. Due to the stonewalling of the northern kingdom during the rule of the Council of Five Families, most Federalists do not want to return to the old regime and believe they have a better chance at seeking out control over their communities with the Advent. Moderate Federalists welcome the Empire and seek out monetary assistance from the Imperial Aid Bureau while hardline Federalists don’t care about the Empire as long as they have freedom in their rural communities.

Federalist ideals are mostly carried out by the Federalist League, a large political party that holds over thirty seats in the Parliament. The advocacy group, Society of Shepherds, is a pro-Federalist group that acts as a workers’ union, political lobbying group and professional organization.


The “official” party of the Regency, the Unionists form the bulk of political power in Cestus. They want to a see a strong, unified planet under a competent central government. The main Unionists political party, the Advent Popular Union, is the party that the Regent is the Chair of. The Advent Popular Union proscribes to a pro-Empire political view and believes in a very powerful Regent to avoid the bureaucratic mistakes of the Five Families. They have over a hundred seats in the Parliament and almost all ministers and regional thanes are of the Popular Union. The APU also controls the Advent Sturmgard, a national security force that acts as political police as well as border security and customs enforcement.

The Central United is a unionist political party that is comprised of more hardline unionists. They advocate for a voting role in the Empire and tighter integration, they are additionally proponents of draconian security measures. They have been accused as working directly for the local Imperial Ministry. The Central United controls over fifty seats in the Parliament.

There are few moderate unionists, with a recent offshoot of the Popular Union forming called the People’s Free Union. These are mostly younger members who call for less Imperial involvement with the nation. They have no seats and just have been awarded permission to campaign.

Unionists are predominantly human.


The Independent State Forum is a movement that wants Ord Cestus to a be a completely independent, neutral planet. It is often seen as a continuation of the original plan of the Five Families for leaving the Empire before the Fall. Moderate Statists tend to proscribe to some for unionism and just want seperation from the Empire while more hardline statist members tend to be extreme reformationists and want a completely new government from either the past or the present with as little Imperial involvement.

The most radical statists are nestled deep in the northern continent from the Tunji clans. They want a free Cestus, as they have seen all governments persecute their people. This is where the Rising movement has begun, a number of Tunji clans demanding free autonomous government for their people. Some small violent acts have started in northern communities that have been blamed on the Rising. The Imperial Ministry has branded most Statists groups to be dangerous radicals, as they are the largest anti-Empire political movement, and has pressured the Advent to completely dismantle the Independent State Forum, which acts as a think tank and policy center. However, since the ISF tends to be a moderate political force with many rich merchant backers, the Advent has not yet moved on them.

The Independence Party is a Statist moderate political party that usually supports the Regency and federalist policies. They hold nine seats in the Parliament. Most of the IP is made up of former Sugi workers who were laid off during the nationalization of the tech firms.


The Monarchies in Exile are the surviving ruling officials and family members of the Council of the Five Families. A government-in-exile was established on a remote system that has since been hunted down by the Empire. Many former Councilors have bounties on their head and royal family members are in hiding. Supporters of the Council have either joined loyalist protest groups or political parties while more fervent adherents have become militant with the Royal Dawn. Others have become reformationists or unionists, deciding that the old ways will never return.

It is said some forces of the monarchies are still out there in the galaxy but most have been completely disbanded.

The Politics of Ord Cestus

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