The History of Ord Cestus

The original government of Ord Cestus was the Council of the Five Families. The Council unified the five constitutional monarchies that had arisen from five different founding settlements across the system. The first Family was a Sugi settlement that eventually evolved into a powerful cybernetics subsidiary under Baktoid Automata called Cestus Cybernetics. The second Family arose from a Culisetto colonization project that became a mining powerhouse in the asteroid belt. The third Family formed from a Herglic shipping company that relocated a large amount of employees. An Abednedo farming collective project became the fourth Family with a large Gran refinery colony becoming the fifth Family. Each settlement grew into small kingdoms that had numerous border clashes before finally uniting into the Council. The diverse population continued to grow during the Old Republic era. The construction of a massive prison brought even more species to the world, as many poorer prisons would release to parole on the planet without means of leaving.

During this time the rise of the Shepherd Cities began. The collection of oil produced from the glands of gigantic Thrinx was becoming extremely lucrative. The Reesthith Kingdom, the majority Gran family, started to refine the oil as potent hyperdrive fuel additive that was in demand for certain models of hyperdrives. Large moving platforms followed herds of Thrinx across the continent, these mobile refineries evolved as huge walking cities following the docile beasts. The Thrinx roamed huge distances across the vast northern continent that was mostly a cold highland desert. The Council eventually decreed no settlements other than the Shepherd cities could be allowed on the continent so no interruption to the migratory patterns would be made.

Shortly before the Clone Wars Cestus Cybernetics became a major corporation that supplied droid software and parts to the Trade Federation. After the Battle of Naboo the Cestus Cybernetics shares plummeted in value and huge layoffs occurred across the various factory cities. The economic issues were further compounded when the Jedi Order closed down the Cestus Penitentiary Complex, a major Republic prison that dominated a huge island continent in the middle of the largest ocean on the planet. The closure resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and the city that had sprung up around the complex emptied out.

During the Clone Wars the corporation turned to secretly supplying the Confederacy with droids, hardware and cybernetics. The Council turned a blind eye to the practice and ended up allowing an “invasion” to take place. The factories boosted the economy of the struggling planet and were popular with most of the population. With plentiful jobs at the factories and a thriving secondary market around them, the CIS forces were viewed favorably by many. However, as the world was nominally a Republic controlled planet, the more devoted citizens and planetary security forces formed a resistance. The national police force, led by the human Graeme Vale, started a guerilla campaign against the CIS. Requests were made for Republic assistance but it did not arrive until later in the war. A small task force, led by two Jedi, arrived to free the planet. A destructive battle was waged in several cities before most of the CIS forces left that saw huge losses in the local militias.

Near the end of the Clone Wars the Five Families began to discuss withdrawing from the Republic. As the Galactic Empire formed the Council decided that they did not want a part in this new government. Concerns about being left out of the Galactic economy and unable to negotiate positive trade deals with other worlds dominated discussion. The shepherd cities and manufacturing corporations, led by Cestus Cybernetics, pushed an aggressive political campaign to leave the new Empire. This was bitterly opposed by former penitentiary workers and various planetary security leaders. They voiced concerns about the loss of military protection and pointed to the fact that the Empire had pledged to reopen the Cestus Penitentiary. The Council ultimately decided to leave the Empire.

Imperial Intelligence led an comprehensive campaign to arm dissidents. With Graeme Vale, the Clone Wars police commander and hero of Cestus, at the led of a large coalition a vicious civil war erupted. For two years various forces clashed across Ord Cestus and the colonies before Vale’s forces seized control. With the Empire’s help, the Council of the Five Families and the People’s Diet were reformed into the Advent Parliament and the powerful Regent as the governmental executive and state head. Vale declared himself Regent and quickly placed the new government under the Empire as an Imperial Represented Protectorate.

The History of Ord Cestus

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