The Constables of Shadow City

A number of constables were rescued from Constable Station on Rogue City. All members of the Advent Parliamentary Constabulary, the constables refused to surrender to the local security contractors. Demanding their surrender and acting on the orders of the owner of Rogue City, who was answering the call of the Empire to apprehend all constables, the security contractors attempted to surround the station. The constables were eventually rescued by an unknown group of operatives. Led by Sergeant Constable Dane Mirax, the five surviving constables of the Rogue City Parliament Constabulary Station are now adrift and wanted by the Advent.

Jesse Quanera

A young male human who only recently graduated the Constabulary Academy, Jesse recently immigrated to Ord Cestus from the tiny planet of Lah’mu. Son of a farmer, Jesse is completely overwhelmed with the action surrounding him. Jesse is a thin male who stands five feet ten inches with short sandy hair and bright blue eyes. Quiet, awkward and often self-conscious of his frontier drawl Jesse prefers the background instead of the limelight. He has greatly enjoyed being exposed to more diverse cultures. Jesse is a great cook and is popular in the kitchen at the Constable Station where he prefers to spend his time.

Ora Endel

One of the older constables, Ora is a male Abednedo and a fifteen-year veteran of the force and a local from Ord Cestus. His career is pockmarked with demerits and scandal from fights and excessive force. Due to his father being a high-ranking Sergeant Major in the Constabulary he has avoided being discharged from the service altogether. Once an Constable Inspector in the Homicide Division of one of the larger cities, he was put back on patrol in one of the smallest stations in the Constabulary. Pragmatic, but often rude, age has tempered his personality somewhat. His favorite food is human spaghetti and he is very fond of long-distance sport shooting.

Ammol Azalee

A friendly and hardworking Gran, Ammol was a semi-professional podracer for several years on Malastare before he joined the local planetary commercial vehicle inspection service. He eventually followed his wife to Ord Cestus. After he graduated from the Academy, he was assigned to a rotation at the Rogue City. His wife and family of seven children stayed at the capital city while he did his one-year rotation. Constantly working on something, Ammol seems to have unending stamina and a cheerful deposition no matter what. Secretly terrified about the safety of his family, Ammol is trying to hide the fear that is growing inside him. A skilled metalworker, Ammol uses any downtime he has to weld new works of art together.

Silleria Latt

Corporal Constable Latt is the second-in-command of the Rogue City Station. The female Zygerrian graduated at the top of her class in the Academy six years ago and had all the markings of a promising career in the Constabulary. She came to the service after graduating from a university on Denon where she had studied social work and public policy, earning multiple degrees with honors. She had grown up on Zygerria where her parents had become staunch anti-slaver activists. Silleria served her two years mandatory military service as the Empire rose to power. With the Empire came the return of the Zygerrian slave politics and their former glory. Fearing retribution, Silleria’s parents arranged for her to go to Denon for her studies. As a child of activists misaligned with the Empire, Silleria was assigned to remote postings all over the Northern continent to keep her out of the way. Tall and regal with tan-colored hair and green eyes, Silleria is fond of tattoos and small musical boxes that are popular on Alderaan. She walks with a slight limp and refuses to talk about where she got it from.

Karal Rizlan

A human female in her early 30s, Karal is a five-year veteran of the Constabulary. Upbeat, talkative and often messy Karal is a native of Ord Cestus and a Tunji from a local tribe. She sports dark grey tribal markings on her face and wears her dark brown hair in traditional thick bundles. Like most Tunji, Karal had been assigned to a Northern posting but that hasn’t stopped her from being positive. She can often be gullible and sometimes comes across shallow at first appearances. She is fiercely proud of her culture and boats of her skills as a Tunji stalker. She likes dancing with friends and loud chaotic music.

She was killed during a rescue operation at the Shops in Cestivus, the capital city of Ord Cestus. Trying to free Ammol Azalee’s family, she was shot and killed by Advent security agents.

The Constables of Shadow City

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