Sareen Tobin

First Mate Sareen Tobin


A former professional prizefighter from Adumar, Sareen is the First Mate and minority owner of the Fulton Steam, a massive bulk freighter out of Ord Mantel captained by Iego Drake. Sareen grew up on the streets of Adumar’s largest city and was apprenticed to a weapon-smith in her youth. Tired of years of working in the shop and machining parts Sareen decided to train to be a professional fighter in the All-Nations Fight League. Using her skills as a shellboxer and grappler Sareen dominated the women’s circuit but lost a key title fight at the peak of her short career. She enlisted in a national army shortly thereafter and met Iego Drake.

A rocky history occurred but ultimately the two work well together as they now lead the Fulton Steam on contracts throughout the Mid and Outer Rim.


Sareen Tobin

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