Royal Dawn

The Organization for a New Royal Dawn

The Royal Dawn formed shortly after the defeat of the Five Kingdoms by the forces of the Advent backed by Imperial military. At the Battle of Hag Rock the last stronghold of the Royal Army of the United Monarchies was defeated. The Council of the Five Kingdoms signed a treaty at the city of Jantos that permanently dissolved the Council and replaced it with a Regency. The People’s Diet was transformed into the Advent Parliament and days later the Cestus System was announced as an Imperial Represented Protectorate.

Shortly before the treaty was signed, several loyalist soldiers smuggled various royal family members to the colony moon of Xing. There the last few loyalist military units that refused to surrender gathered, along with a number of royal members of the monarchies who would not sign the treaty. The most significant gathering was many paramilitary operators from the Council’s elite secretive security and intelligence service, the Kingsman Activity. These operators, from the Threat Mitigation Division, were specially trained in a worst-case contingency plan of prolonged guerrilla warfare and insurgency. Five weeks after the signing of the Treaty of Jantos, members of the Kingsman Activity smuggled out the remnants of the resisting monarchies to a number of nearby worlds. Intercepting Imperial vessels resulted in a small-scale Battle of Xing where many smuggler ships were destroyed or captured.


A Gran Kingsman from the Activity’s Division prepares an operation.

The surviving military, security and police forces left on Xing were organized by the operators from the Activity’s Division and spread throughout the South of Ord Cestus. A prolong campaign of strikes and guerrilla warfare erupted over the next several years. Calling themselves the Royal Dawn, and supported by the last remaining Monarchies-in-Exile, the royalists struck Advent forces and disrupted the new government. A crackdown in the southern cities by joint Advent security and military forces as well as Imperial military dismantled a great many Royal Dawn groups.

The insurgency wore on for years and eventually started to lose the public support. As the Advent tightened control of the southern continent, many loyalists began to turn their attention to making things work in the Parliament or join other protest movements. Disillusioned with the lack of progress, royal supporters started to give up the idea that violent direct action would win. Some started to believe that joining the Empire would give them the advantage to reinstate the royal families and that the Imperial Senate would agree for a reinstatement of the old government.

During this time, the Empire was successful in hunting down most of the Monarchies-in-Exile shadow governments. With outside support and supplies dwindling, the Royal Dawn started to withdraw from the southern continent. This ended the seven-year era of violence and insurgency known as The Problems. Instead, the Royal Dawn moved to the northern continent and focused their efforts on disrupting lucrative Advent mining and shepherd operations. After years and years of guerilla warfare, the Royal Dawn struggles to recruit new members. While they still are well-equipped and well-trained, attrition has dwindled them down to a mostly ineffectual force. Only the most devoted loyalists are left, often distant family members of the royal lines. Most of their skilled operators have aged, fighting for over seventeen years, and beginning to not be able to run as many successful operations.

The remaining Royal Dawn want to focus on the Advent and some propose that leaving Imperial targets alone will aid in driving a wedge between the Advent and Empire. They believe that the Empire is a necessary evil for Ord Cestus. The most hardline Royalists believe that the Empire had betrayed them and must also be targeted.

Royal Dawn

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