Insurgency One

Unregistered Vessel Butcher’s Vendetta

A pair of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wings dart through the restricted space towards the small asteroid field. Their small engines push the tiny fighters at a frenzied pace as they weave through rocks and space debris. There, perched inside a clump of asteroids, sits a large winged ship. The former planetary defense force vessel, a Corporate Sector Authority Marauder-class corvette, opens it’s tiny hanger bay. One after another the two fighters slip into the ship. Their mission is complete. The large sublight engines of the ship warm up and it eases its way through the field before elongating into hyperspace… gone.

The vessel formerly known the Advent Navy Ship Blackspear began life as Corporate Sector Authority deep space patrol ship assigned to a border guard flotilla. After a number of years of uneventful service the ship was sold as part of a package weapons deal with the Empire to various planetary forces. The vessel was re-serviced and rebuilt as a system defense picket vessel able to pursue smugglers and pirates.

It was designed to carry ten Advent Navy variant V-wings and two small shuttles, with some of the hangar bay space lost due to the Advent Navy’s requirements for more robust repair bays for the V-wing complement. As the role of the vessel was to run picket duty, it’s forward turbolasers were swapped for double medium ion cannons and consumables reduced to make way for additional command suite capabilities. A tractor beam emitter was removed and replaced with a concussion missile tube in the front.

Once captured by the Wild Cards Insurgency, the vessel became a collection point to the various resistance factions of Ord Cestus. Known to Wild Cards cell members by it’s callsign Insurgency One, the ship is now home to Tunji tribal warriors and stalkers, Thrinx shepherds and oilmen, Ord Cestus Parliamentary militia fighters and constables, Royal Dawn loyalists and soldiers; as well as an assortment of ragtag characters.

The vessel once known as the ANS Blackspear now transmit the transponder identified of Butcher’s Vendetta and travels the Outer Rim as a focal point of anti-Imperial resistance.

Command Crew
Commanding Officer – Captain Georiah Phogg
First Mate & Executive Officer – Commander Rana Obrin
Second Mate – Subcommander Dorvo Chubb
Political Officer – Commander Sun Yi Xho
Flight Control & Civil Affairs Officer – Empty
Technical Officer – Lieutenant Commander “The Dime of Roche”"
Tactical & Operations Officer – Major Moz-G’Rhem Fenris
Medical Officer – Dr. Anaphid Trel Mocet
Deck Officer – Lieutenant Commander Bale Nidae

Ship’s Senior Crew
Intelligence Section NCOIC – Master Chief Petty Officer Aenanya Finwej
Communications Section NCOIC – Senior Chief Petty Officer Vaishnavi Zoya
Astrogator – D3-B3
Medical Section NCOIC – Senior Chief Petty Officer Nalu Citara
Ship’s Quartermaster – Chief Petty Officer Phann Maelix
Logistics Section NCOIC – Chief Petty Officer Veronika Dill
Internal Security Section NCOIC – Senior Chief Petty Officer Dane Mirax
Special Assignments Chief – Master Chief Petty Officer Ser Aks Matke
Engineering NCOIC – Master Chief Petty Officer Kavortac
Gunnery Section NCOIC – Senior Chief Petty Officer Wai’waa Suyo
Deck Chief – Chief Petty Officer Irajzeho

Allies Liaisons

The Royal Dawn CR 10
Lieutenant Commander Ser Zurin Yuls, Knight of the Royal Dawn, Lord of the Dragon Roost Isle, Warden of the Sovereign Order of the Five Kingdoms

The Kajidic Sylandija CR 1 (Combined Duty 85)
Captain Titus Viwall, Captain of the Gamorrean Spit

The Lady of the Reef’s Unknown Organization CR 0 (Combined Duty 10)
Major Liithindie Haellia, leader of the Reef Commandos

The Alliance to the Restore the Republic CR 0 (Combined Duty ??)


Ship’s Armory

The ANS Blackspear was designed to hold several platoons of navy troopers, marines or special forces onboard as a boarding force for interdiction or to land as a small assault team. It’s barracks and outfittings include a robust Armory that can supply weapons to those who need it.

A player may roll an Armory check to see if a basic weapon is available in the small arms locker. All weapons are base models with no enhancement. Weapons are ranked by DC. If the Armory is occupied by Chief Gunner’s Mate Wai’waa Suyo, all rolls are downgraded by 1.

In it’s current state, the Armory grants three green dice.

DC 1
Grenade (Frag)
Grenade (Stun)
Blaster Pistol (Light)

DC 2
Blaster Pistol
Blaster Rifle

DC 3

Ship’s Troop Barracks

The Butcher’s Vendetta has a small troop billet that can hold several platoons worth of fighters. The current trained ground personnel allows the vessel to field four squads of five minion Teams. Further recruitment, additional training and enhanced equipment procurement will raise the quality of available Wild Card troops.

Wild Card Insurgent

B:2 A:3 I:1 C:2 W:1 P:2
Soak: 4 Wound Threshold: 5 Defense: 0/0

Skills (groups only): Cool, Ranged [Heavy], Ranged [Light]
Talents: None
Abilities: None

Blaster Carbine (Ranged [Heavy]; Damage 9; Critical 3; Range (Medium); Stun Setting)
Heavy Blaster Pistol (Ranged [Light]; Damage 7; Critical 3; Range (Medium); Stun Setting)
Padded Armor (+2 soak)
Vibroknife (Melee; Damage 3; Critical 2; Range (Engaged); Pierce 2, Vicious 1, )

Ship’s Hangar Bay

Name Insurgency Pilot
Type Minion
Power Level 83

Brawn 2 Agility 3 Intellect 2
Cunning 2 Willpower 2 Presence 2
Soak 2 Melee Def 1 Ranged Def 1
Wound 5
Strain None (Suffers wound instead)

The pilots of the Wild Card Insurgency come from all walks of life and throughout the galaxy. The majority of trained pilots are from the now-defunct Paraliamentary Militia of the Ord Cestus Advent Regency. A few are pilots from the Paraliament Constabulary or mercenaries who joined up with the Insurgency during prison breaks or recruitment. These pilots have only basic space combat flight training and wear looted gear from the Advent Navy.

Gunnery (◇◇◇), Piloting – Space (◇◇◇), Streetwise (◇◇)
Blaster Pistol – Skill: Ranged – Light (◇◇◇) Range: Medium, Damage: 6, Critical: ωωω, Qualities: Stun Setting
Combat Knife – Skill: Melee (◇◇) Range: Engaged, Damage: 3, Critical: ωωω
TX-3 Combat Flight Suit – Melee Def: 1, Ranged Def: 1
Comlink (handheld), Wilderness Survival Kit, PED-21 Personal Distress Beacon (Gear Features: Searchers gain □□ to any Perception, Computers, or Surveillance checks made in the course of the search), Corellian Whiskey (Bottle)

Chief Petty Officer Phann Maelix

The grizzled former Shepherd skiff captain from the Shepherd Cities on Ord Cestus has seen most of his life wiped away by the Empire. A man of a strong build, Phann has muscles from decades of hard manual work on a Thrinx oil skiff. He has the frame of someone who once had a bulky and powerful body but age has worn it down. Older age has wrinkled his face and grayed his hair. Quiet and somber, with a weight behind his voice and hardness in his eyes. After the Massacre of Tecwaii he has become even more serious and withdrawn.

He now spends his time ensuring that the Wild Cards Insurgency has what it needs. He oversees the supplies of the Butcher’s Vendetta and general stores. Phann constantly assess what the crew and ship will need and plans out the consumables. He continues to press the command staff to address the needs of the ship and to resupply whenever possible.

Mission Dice: Two green dice.


Ship’s Quartermaster – When onboard the Vendetta, Phann Maelix grants a boost dice for any roll made to procure supplies via trade or barter for the Wild Cards.

Way of the Shepherd – If Phann is assigned to a mission that takes place in wild outlands on a planet he adds a yellow dice to the mission roll.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Dane Mirax

Dane has little love for the Empire due to the Antar Atrocity that occurred shortly after he became a constable. He is weathered and tired, with most of his former anarchist spirit beaten down by years of fighting and police work. His constables look up to him and count him as a solid leader. While gruff and often times disinterred, Dane still cares for his men and is fiercely protective of them. A large, strongly built human with thick white hair, Dane is an imposing figure for being in his sixties. He has a fake eye that he has not yet been able to afford a replacement cybernetic prosthesis. He has been married twice but both marriages fell apart.

After the fall of the Parliamentary Constabulary and the arrest of constables across Ord Cestus Dane and a number of the Shadow Walker’s constables escaped to follow the Butcher of Tecwaii. The rogue constable led them to join an insurrectionist cell. Now Dane Mirax serves as one of the veteran members of the cell. He is responsible for the security of the Butcher’s Vendetta and overseeing all the various recruits who occupy the vessel. While technically Dane answers to Lt. Commander Ser Zurin Yuls, the TACOFF of the ship, he is a devoted follower of the Butcher himself, Lt. Commander Bale Nidae.

Mission Dice: One yellow, one green


Old Cop, Tough Cop – If assigned to a mission involving finding personnel or interrogating a target Dane grants a boost dice to the mission roll.

Separatist Veteran – When stationed on the Vendetta Dane brings his years of experience in defending strongholds to the security crew. He provides a boost dice to any roll made to defend the Vendetta from enemy boarding parties.

Insurgency One

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