Advent Parliament Regency

The Advent Parliament Regency is the government of the system of Cestus and it’s colonies. It rules the planet of Ord Cestus, the two moon colonies and mining settlements in the asteroid belt. The cloud city [Lykef], in the upper regions of the gas giant Asen, is also nominally under the control of the Advent but mostly operates as a shadowport.

The Regency is formed of two parts, the Executive Branch of government and the Parliament, which functions as the government’s legislature. The Regent’s Courts are the judicial system but are placed directly under the control of the Regent. The Parliament has limited power and mostly elects lower governmental officials as well writes minor legal status and administrative code. All major legal framework is created by Decrees of the Advent Regent.

The various Ministries make up the bulk of the bureaucratic system. The Ministry of Homeland Defence is the largest governmental department. It comprises of the military and security forces of the world. The [Homeland Defence Forces] are made up of the Advent Army and Navy forces. It also contains the [Advent Vurmgard], a paramilitary force that acts as a local Home Guard as well as border and customs protection, immigration enforcement and political police. While underneath the Ministry, the Advent Sturmguard units are under direct control and organization of local Adventist Popular Union party leaders control. They function as a national security agency and fanatical political force that is in charge of ensuring “treasonous organizations” are disbanded.

The other governmental offices include the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Finances, the Ministry of State and Trade, the Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Resources and the Ministry of Culture. The Imperial Ministry is a governmental office ran by the Empire with their appointed Imperial Minister who acts as ambassador and advisor to the Regent. All the Lord Ministers make up the Council of Lords, which includes other officials from important government agencies. The Office of the Provost Marshal, led by the Lord Marshal, oversees the Provost Reeve which acts as a paramilitary security force loyal directly to the Regent.

The Advent Parliament maintains the local constabulary, one of the last vestiges of the old Five Families government. The Constabulary answers to the Serjeant-at-Arms of the Parliament and acts as police force for the planet. Over the years the Constabulary has been slowly reduce in authority and power. The Provost Reeves have replaced them as a major security force along with Imperial Stormtroopers. Constables wear simple cloth uniforms. They are light green trousers and white button shirts with a dark leather overcoat. White helmets with Constable’s Crest in the center adorn their heads and white belts with a thick shoulder strap carry their gear.

The Parliament additionally controls the Parliamentary Militia. Once the Royal Citizens Militia, it has been stripped to the barebones. The Militia has been slowly reduced in stature and equipment. Under the sole control of the Parliament, the Militia has always been a part-time reserve force of citizen soldiers and pilots. Now the Regent has stripped the ability of the Parliament to active the Militia and some believe it will be soon when he places it under his authority. The Skypatrol of the Parliamentary Militia is made up of a number of squadrons that operate the venerable Celux-27 Ramwing Interceptor. An indigenous design once produced by the factories of Ord Cestus, its production was ceased once the Advent took over and the Ord Cestus corporate factories were nationalized by the Empire. The Skypatrol consists of four active squadrons scattered across the planet in “flights”. Each flight is six to eight planes and their supporting crews. Two to three flights make up the various squadrons. Pilots are part-time but regularly fly and take part in training.


Advent Parliament Regency

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