The Qssims

The Qssims are a Sugi family that live on Ord Cestus.

The Qssim family consists of Opacca, Keerah, Kai and Remmy.

Opacca: Arms Dealer with a conscience

Throughout the galaxy the Sugi have a reputation as arms dealers, and Opacca was no different. He was part of the initial team that was contracted by the Confederacy during the Clone Wars to transport Kyber crystals off planet. After the encounter with two Jedi and the subsequent killing by the Confederacy of the Sugi in charge of the operation, Opacca decided it was time to get out of the arms racket. Getting out was easier said then done.

Sugi_species.pngOpacca took a contract on Ord Cestus with Cestus Cybernetics but after a while found out that yet again he was secretly working for the Confederacy. He took part in the rebellion against the CIS and then later fought against the Hero of Cestus on the side of the Sugi First Family, where he would meet his future wife, Keerah.

Opacca met Zu’hast during one of the latter’s first surveys of Ord Cestus for the AISC. One of the areas that was being surveyed was one of the major battles during the skirmishes of the Cestus Civil War that Opacca had participated in. Opacca took an immediate liking to the incredibly awkward and introverted Zu’hast, although it seemed from an outside observer that Zu’hast was doing everything in his power to not get close to Opacca at all.

Even though the operation itself was a horrible experience, Opacca had fallen in love with Utapau and, if not for the current Imperial presence he would live there. He felt that is was a complete stroke of luck that the surveying of the planet for the Thrinx and Shepard Cities brought a native Pau’an for him to interactive with. Zu’hast’s reticence never bothered him as he initial did enough talking for the both of them. He would talk at length about the beautiful windswept plains of Utapau and go on about the incredible relationship between the Pau’ans and the Utai. “Ane other planet, believe me, any other planet and ye Pau’ans would be warlords, och aye. Aye’ve seen et!” he would always say to Zu’hast with an admiring glint in his eyes. It would inevitably be followed by “Dem shame ‘bout them Imps n kybers.”

Opacca’s gregariousness eventually thawed Zu’hast’s icy affect. By the end of the survey, they were talking as if they had known each other for years. Whatever Zu’hast had been feeling before the survey was completely forgotten. It’s almost as if that were Opacca’s plan all along.

Keerah: insurrectionist daughter of the First Family

Rysta Trefulsio was a born artist, but that could be said for the entire Trefulsio family going back for generations. But everyone said that Rysta was exceptional. Since she was a small girl her art was shown in museums and galas throughout the sector. Even those that initially said that her renown came from her family’s background, eventually came around.

If it hadn’t been for that damned art teacher. Or maybe it was the civil war itself. No one could be sure.

Nykkola had mentored Rysta her entire life. She had seen her raw talent and challenged Rysta every step of the way until she had come up with her own distinct style. Somehow though, over the years, what she created had changed. Politics had crept in. Her work became less popular on Imperial worlds and made her a person of interest.


It was as if she could see the writing on the wall. Within the space of a few weeks, the famous Trefulsio armor went missing, the famous artist disappeared, the bombing of a police station at the capital city occurred, and the famous Hero of Cestus began to wage war on the Five Families. Some said that the other four families had supplied the means and money. Others said that the leader of some of the dissidents looked oddly similar to the missing artist, save the insectoid armor that had a passing resemblance to the missing Trefulsio armor. Still more said that in the wake subsequent bombings, an untraceable, computerized calling card in the guise of a symbol of the Five Families was left in the rubble. It struck those in the know as incredibly similar to Rysta’s style.

In the aftermath of the civil war, stories circulated about the fate of Rysta. Some say that she was killed. Others said that she was captured by the Advent and given to the Empire as a token of good will. If one were to frequent a certain bar in a certain district on a certain Shepard City and if one were friendly enough with the bartender, he’d lean in a tell stories about his time fighting with the Five Families. He swore that Rysta did survive. He swore that she’d gone to ground. He swore that she was coming back!

Years later, whenever Zu’hast visited, he thought he’d occasionally hear a signal softly chirp in the outside shed, the one that was always locked. When that happened, Opacca and Keerah would exchange a quick glance and then Keerah would leave for a day or so, each time leaving in a different direction. Zu’hast never asked about it and the Qssims never offered an explanation. Zu’hast left it alone. He, after all, had secrets of his own. Plus, he enjoyed their company too much.

Kai and Remmy: Children of the Future

Kai and Remmy loved Zu’hast.

Remmy had known him his entire life and Kai for most of hers. She, Endente.png like most who didn’t know Pau’ans, was scared at first. He was terrifying! His dark grey skin, those purple markings, his sharp teeth. He reminded her of some of the stories of blood drinking monsters that turned into flying rodents. However, as if he was completely aware of his appearance, he went out of his way to be nice. Her father had told her that was how most of his species were. He’d known some that were teachers even! Kai sometimes tried visualize Zu’hast as a teacher but she could never see it. Plus, even though his visits were intermittent, they took the pressure of Remmy off of her.

Remmy was young and he adored his sister. He was pretty sure that his sister could take on the entire universe by herself and win. But, if anyone was close contender for his adoration, it was Zu’hast. Zu’hast was the nicest person he had even known. He helped his sister with her schoolwork! He helped his father with the garden! He helped his mom with the dishes and dinner! Zu’hast would even chase Remmy around the property flapping his arms like wings and screeching, while Remmy would yell in delight.

Like most babies of the family, Remmy was rambunctious and talkative.

On the other hand, Kai was bookish and thoughtful.

One day, soldiers would come. And everything would change.

The Qssims

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