The AISC Years

The following is an excerpt from Force Users: Where Are They Now? published in 27 ABY by Tarl Semlee. The dates given are in the Great ReSynchronization and Galactic Calendars as well the local Utapauan calendar.

*Author’s Note: The Utapauan calendar (YAU) marks the unification of the two indigenous species of Utapau after millennia of conflict. The year of that unification took place 3997 BBY.

16 ArS/19 BBY/3978 YAU

-Zu’hast first discovers his force sensitivity during his first official survey mission on Cholganna
-mentor is mortally wounded on Utapau and dies enroute to Andelm IV
-becomes employed with the Andelm Independent Surveying Company owned by Redd Paten and begins a five year planetary survey mission in the Arkanis sector

*Author’s Note: The Battle of Utapau and the Great Jedi Purge take place during this year

21 ArS/14 BBY/3983 YAU

-finishes Arkanis sector survey
-takes surveying mission on Ord Cestus for a new shepard city where he meets Opacca Qssim for the first time

23 ArS/12 BBY/3985 YAU

-finishes initial Orc Cestus survey
-Opacca Qssim marries Keerah aka Rysta of the Trefulsio Sugi First family; Zu’hast is present as a witness
-takes a survey mission in the Spritzen sector that includes a survey of the planet Abafar

*Author’s note: The legendary droid known as K-2SO is constructed this year

24 ArS/11 BBY/3986 YAU

-Kai Opacca is born

*Author’s Note: The planet Jelucan, home of the Imperial turned Rebel Thane Kyrell, is annexed by the now defunct Empire

25 ArS/10 BBY/3987 YAU

-finishes survey and takes a contract on the planet Vanqor paying particular attention to Gundark nests

*Author’s Note: During this mission on Vanqor, Zu’hast had a droid companion to help protect him from the dangerous Gundarks

27 ArS/8 BBY/3989 YAU

-Remmy Opacca is born

28 ArS/7 BBY/3990 YAU

-finishes Vayqor contract
-takes a two year contract in order to fine tune initial survey on Ord Cestus and to scout out other Thrinx herds

*Author’s Note: Future Imperial defector and hero of the Alliance Bodhi Rook begins his pilot training in the Terrabe sector

30 ArS/5 BBY/3992 YAU

-finishes 2nd Ord Cestus contract and takes a survey contract in the sector that the planet Miral is located

*Author’s Note: During this mission Zu’hast crashed landed his Utapauan ship, The Enduring Dactillion, which was specially designed for exploration and scouting. He was able to salvage the survey equipment, but needed to charter a ship off planet.

32 ArS/3 BBY/3995 YAU

-finishes Miral sector mission and takes a 3rd contract on Ord Cestus in order to finish scouting Thrinx; remembering how difficult it was by himself, Zu’hast hires a Sithari hunter known then only as S’kreech

33 ArS/2 BBY/3996 YAU

-learns of the missing Qssim family
-contacted by Fulcrum to be recruited in to the Ord Cestus Rebel Cell
-en route to coordinates near Takodana, in a race to find a mysterious artifact, Zu’hast tenders his resignation with the AISC

*Author’s Note: Under the guidance of Mon Mothma, the rebellion is officially designated the Alliance to Restore the Republic during this year.


The AISC Years

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