Sergeant Constable Dane Mirax

Dane Mirax is a older human male who was a Patrol Sergeant Constable of the Parliament Constabulary assigned to the Constable Station on the Shadow City.


Born on Eriadu, Dane Mirax studied accounting as a young man at his local university. He planned to enter into forensic accounting with his father’s legal firm. As a student, Dane became more and more political, joining protests against the Republic’s various legislation. He spent most of his time in the university protesting the Republic and joining marches demanding more planetary rights. He completed his studies but found legal work too dry. He joined the planet’s Planetary Defense Force, believing in the important of local paramilitaries to counter the overreach of the Republic. In the years preceding the Clone Wars he deserted the military and traveled to the world of Antar 4 to aid secessionist there. During the Clone Wars Dane ended up fighting in the Antar Schism, a brutal civil war between Republic loyalists and Confederate secessionists. As the Clone Wars winded down a number of Dane’s compatriots talked him into leaving Antar 4. They feared that retribution would occur from the newly formed Empire.

Dane traveled to Ord Cestus, where he joined the Constables. He passed the Academy as class president and excelled in his exams. As the Advent Regent took over, the new administration feared former Separatists would cause tougher relationships with the Empire and many constables who had fought on the wrong side of the war found themselves reassigned to remote stations. Dane spent the next ten years in the Northern Continent. A promotion to patrol sergeant landed him in the tiny station on the Shadow City, overseeing the dozen constables assigned to the massive walker. A thankless dead end position Dane was resigned to his fate and had settled end to spend his remaining years on the cold city of vices.

Dane has little love for the Empire due to the Antar Atrocity that occurred shortly after he became a constable. He is weathered and tired, with most of his former anarchist spirit beaten down by years of fighting and police work. His constables look up to him and count him as a solid leader. While gruff and often times disinterred, Dane still cares for his men and is fiercely protective of them. A large, strongly built human with thick white hair, Dane is an imposing figure for being in his sixties. He has a fake eye that he has not yet been able to afford a replacement cybernetic prosthesis. He has been married twice but both marriages fell apart and now he is mostly keeps to himself save for his constables assigned to him.

Sergeant Constable Dane Mirax

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