Zu'hast Rykarre

Pau'an Explorer employed as a Scout conducting planetary surveys in the Outer Rim Territories


- Position: Explorer Scout

- Role: Pilot

- Species: Pau’an

- Age: 48

- Sex: Male

- Physical: 2.13 meters, dark grey skin with purple marking on his face, like most Pau’ans has special, metal coverings over ears

- Family: Pau’an are communally raised since they live for so long and hence need to control their population. Zu’hast knew of his parents but he grew close with Varyle Nodine during his apprenticeship
Has a Sugi family that he is close with on Ord Cestus.

- Personality: Reticent and introverted
Like most Pau’ans, he is kind and amiable and helps others when he can
Generally thinks before speaking and even acting much to the impatience of others
Neutral Good

- Religion: Has a pragmatic view of the force
Is ok with using the dark side of the force as long as it isn’t hurting anyone (grey force tradition)

- Education: Educated through Ministry of Interstellar Surveying and Exploration on Utapau.

- Hobbies & Interests: Unknown

- Relations: None

-Equipment: carries a pair of macrobinoculars, a backpack and TT24 Holdout Blaster for emergencies
also has a data spike with the location of a holocron received from a Cyrean adept with illusions



Zu’hast Rykarre was born and grew up on the Outer Rim planet Utapau.

Through state testing standard in the part of the planet that Zu’hast grew up in, he showed an early interest in Planetary Surveying. He began his apprenticeship with multiple forays with his mentor, Varyl Nodine, off planet. During one of the first planetary surveys, something occurred when they both realized that Zu’hast was force sensitive. Zu’hast was particularly excited about this as he had heard secondhand about the Jedi and greatly admired them.

En route from that exciting survey, they had some trouble landing because of the Confederacy presence on their planet. They were eventually let through, but during their descent Republic forces began their assault on the planet. They were able to dock at Pau City and watched out of their view port as the Battle of Utapau unfolded. When it seemingly ended, Varyl exited the ship in order to talk to the docking master. As he stepped out, Order 66 was executed and Varyl was hit by an errant laser bolt.


Terrified, Zu’hast pulled Varyl into the ship and jumped to Andelm IV, a criminally controlled planet a few sectors away. Varyl died en route, but not before making Zu’hast promise to keep his force sensitivity hidden. If the Republic turned on a group so noble as the Jedi, then is was better to let that power atrophy then develop it and risk detection or worse, used in thrall of the newly minted Galactic Empire.

After cremating Varyl’s remains, Zu’hast took up with the Andelm Independent Surveying Company (AISC). Being careful to avoid criminal and Imperial eyes, he spends the next several years surveying various Outer Rim sectors. Zu’hast lives with a fear of being found out and suppresses any hint of being force sensitive.

During the course of various contracts, he has visited Ord Cestus a few times over the years. Zu’hast has developed a relationship with a rural Sugi family and visits them whenever he’s planetside. Just before his most recent survey with S’kreech tracking the Thrinx, the Sugi family was conscripted to help build a new Shepard City. With this is weighing heavily on his mind, he is contacted by a Fulcrum agent to join a local rebel cell.


Zu'hast Rykarre

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