Sun Yi Xho, a.k.a "Sunny Joe"

Falleen Arbiter for the Black Sun; Student of the Niman lightsaber form.


Sun Yi “Sunny” Xho is vice-counsel for a lower-level branch of the Black Sun crime syndicate. As a force-sensitive, he was originally sent to the Jedi Order as a youngling just prior to the Clone Wars. The hope was that he would become a mole within the Jedi ranks and increase the Black Sun’s influence on galactic politics. However, the outbreak of the Clone Wars and the subsequent fall of the Jedi put an end to the operation before it began. Xho was extracted mere hours before the Jedi Temple on Coruscant was razed by a clone army.

As he grew older, he learned to harness both his natural physiological abilities and limited Force sensitivity to beguile and manipulate just about everyone around him. This made him a natural negotiator and soon the Black Sun (under the new leadership of fellow Falleen Prince Xizor) recognized his abilities. He quickly accrued a modest number of successful deals as a representative of the Black Sun, giving him enough influence and leeway with the organization to operate somewhat independently.

He has since spent his time leading a comfortable, leisurely life, well out of the way of his more ambitious contemporaries. For the most part, he seems genuinely content serving in an on-call capacity to his Vigo and Xizor.

Currently, he is on an “exchange program” with Philandra the Hutt, as part of a business deal with the Black Sun.

Sun Yi Xho, a.k.a "Sunny Joe"

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