Sathari Seeker and former pet of an Imperial Moff. Signed on as a Hunter to track Thrinx on Ord Cestus.





S’kreech was the long-time pet and one-time prey of the late Imperial Moff Gelf Thornburg. Kidnapped as a hatchling from Arbooine during one of Thornburg’s notorious “expeditions,” the young Sathari was initally taken as no more than a simple plaything – an entertaining animal kept only to leap and dance for Thornburg’s 8-year old daughter and the occasional drunken party guest.

As the avian aged, his value as an engaging diversion soon waned, and he was eventually relegated to menial labor tasks elsewhere on Thornburg’s vast estate. There he remained for many years, along with the many other non-human slaves under the Moff’s “protection,” lost and almost forgotten by his erstwhile master. During his time away from the overseer’s lash, S’kreech learned about the world around him and the galaxy beyond it, although he did not always understand the things he saw and read.

Throughout the years, S’kreech’s behavior had always been a little odd – his uncanny ability to notice people approaching, and occasional flashes of intuition when dealing with complex problems. Following the proper protocol, these “discrepancies” were periodically reported to Thornburg, who surmised that the Sathari might be Force-sensitive. Fortunately for S’kreech however, Thornburg was up to his eyeballs in debt to the Hutts, and feared what might be discovered about his finances and lifestyle should an Inquisitor show up to conduct an investigation.

Thornburg decided that the best course of action was to simply kill S’kreech and act like he’d never heard of the Sathari or Arbooine. But Gelf Thornburg was nothing if not a sportsman. Having grown bored with the tiresome repetition of paid safaris to faraway planets, Thornburg saw this as an opportunity to truly prove himself as a real game hunter.

Arranging everything with his staff, Thornburg dumped the knocked-out S’kreech deep within the wilderness on the far side of the property, and returned to ready himself for the hunt. Armed with a strange energy-bow stolen from an indigenous people native to Dathomir (and purchased at great cost from the local auction house), Thornburg set out to corner and kill his quarry (flanked by a half-dozen bodyguards and assistants).

No one knows what happened that day out in the forest except for S’kreech, who was the only one to walk out alive, shrouded in a cloak of rags and carrying Thornburg’s broken, blood-stained energy bow.

Upon taking the weapon, S’kreech soon found himself inexplicably drawn across the galaxy towards a specific region of space, at the behest of the “whispers” emanating from the bow’s broken parts. But upon reaching the area, the driving force became vague and indistinct, while the whispers only became louder and more insistent. Now, S’kreech seeks to “silence” the weapon permanently. He believes he can accomplish this by appeasing the whispers’ demands, but he cannot locate his intended destination while the bow remains broken. He contacted an expert after arriving on Ord Cestus, and found he needs 2000 credits to make repairs, after which he hopes the weapon will be able to guide him further. As a result, he has signed on with Zu’hast Rykarre as an assistant in the lucrative business of tracking Thrinx migrations.


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