• Bale Nidae

    Bale Nidae

    Hired Gun - Bodyguard [More details coming soon]
  • FLTCH-3R


    Big Droid with a Big Blaster
  • Georiah "Goph" Phogg

    Georiah "Goph" Phogg

    A self proclaimed marshal, hunting down the man who sold him and son into slavery.
  • S'kreech


    Sathari Seeker and former pet of an Imperial Moff. Signed on as a Hunter to track Thrinx on Ord Cestus.
  • Sun Yi Xho, a.k.a "Sunny Joe"

    Sun Yi Xho, a.k.a "Sunny Joe"

    Falleen Arbiter for the Black Sun; Student of the Niman lightsaber form.
  • Zu'hast Rykarre

    Zu'hast Rykarre

    Pau'an Explorer employed as a Scout conducting planetary surveys in the Outer Rim Territories
  • Zurin Yuls

    Zurin Yuls

    The Child Soldier with Nothing to Lose.