Iego Drake

Captain Iego Drake

The captain and majority owner of the Fulton Steam, Iego Drake is a calm and steady human from the world of Adumar.


Confident but quiet, Iego is often a steadfast collected presence on board the bulk freighter. He commands the utmost loyalty as a fair but disciplined captain. A skilled duelist who grew up in a noble family, Iego is just as comfortable behind his blade as he is in a starfighter. Although he is talented with the Adumari blastsword he prefers the thicker curved traditional sword of clans on Jeddah. He routinely dresses in the simple clothes of Outer Rim fringers with a Jeddah sword and marksman target blaster on his belt. His tall, slim build and strong face lets him usually blend into the background of the Fulton Steam before he gives a quiet but stern command. Years in the Adumari planetary defense force has taught him structure and resolve, while years in deep space has caused him to be wary and pragmatic.

His First Mate and partial owner of the ship is Sareen Tobin, his ex-wife. Although their relationship has it’s edges that can leave them exasperated, the two work well together and are a seamless pair when operating their freighter.

Iego Drake

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