Zurin Yuls

The Child Soldier with Nothing to Lose.


- Position: Team Medic and Slicer

- Role: Medic/Slicer

- Species: Human

- Age: 17

- Sex: Male

- Physical: 187cm, 63 Kilograms

- Family: Mother and Father, members of the Royal Dawn. Missing, believed to be dead following the Imperial Orbital Bombardment.

- Personality: Caustic, sharp tongued.

- Religion: None.

- Education: “home” schooled in Medicine under his Father’s direction, taught how to fight by his mother. Self-Taught Slicer.

- Hobbies & Interests: Enjoys Cooking.

- Relations: None

-Equipment: Carries a H7 Blaster Pistol, a Folding Special Forcers Light Repeater, and a hold out blaster. Keeps a Physicians Kit on him at all times, alongside a wrist-mounted slicer’s kit he put together quite recently. Tends to carry various bits and bobs of kit in his vest, utility belt or backpack.

-Description: A tall and skinny young man with short messy black hair and tanned weather-beaten skin. He hides his thinness with bulky clothing and a large heavy jacket. The left side of his face is covered in a ugly burn scar that has corner of his mouth in a permanent frown and his left eye in a matching glare.


Born to the Royal Dawn, (His mother was intelligence agent who joined after the Royall Family was deposed, his father went into hiding with her), Zurin was has been helping to fight the Empire for as long as he can recall. First by assisting his father in the makeshift medical camps, and later in the field under his mother’s guidance, and in his later teens being sent out from his family, Zurinis a veteran and seasoned fighter in spite of his young age.

Sent with a cell to assist them in assassinating a Chairmen of Commerce of the Advent Goverment, Zurin was ordered to liaise with a newly formed Resistance Group. While the group’s plan to bomb the speach went off more or less without a hitch, the Empire executed a planned decapitation strike on the Royal Dawn, destroying the movement in a single day with almost no survivors. With nowhere else to go, no one else to turn to, Zurin has fallen in with this strange and seemingly insane group, much to his chargin. but he doesn’t have much in the way of options.

Zurin Yuls

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