It is the Dark Times of the Galaxy. For the past eighteen years the Galactic Empire has had many star systems chained to it's unending tyrannical bureaucracy. The thousands of systems once members of the Republic stretch across the galaxy. Most have accepted the rule of the Empire, even though some still protest in the Imperial Senate. Other worlds are brought to heel by the Empire's might while many systems see the wisdom in aligning themselves with the dominant power in the galaxy.

For now, the Empire's focus is on the Core worlds but they spread themselves throughout the far-reaching systems. It is here, in the remote parts of the galaxy, that beings huddle in dim cantinas and plot. The Rebel Alliance has grown more organized, connected and is rallying insurgencies, protest movements and radical militias to their banners. Alliance agents seek out worlds chafing under the Empire and incite uprisings.

Now a new insurgent cell is being formed by Alliance agents on the world of Ord Cestus. Will this cell join the Alliance? Will they veer off into a more… radical group like other freedom fighters? Or will they become something different, freelancers and rogues, seeking to make a living in the black? For all must run from the chains of the Empire…

The Unchained Stars is a Star Wars campaign set two years before the events of Rogue One using the Final Fantasy Games RPG systems. The story begins on Ord Cestus, a world located in the Outer Rim in the Cestus System. The former Council of the Five Families government, a once ally of the Republic, has been overthrown by the Imperial-backed Advent Parliament Regency. For fifteen years the Advent Regent has ruled the planet but protests are mounting. The Empire has recently nationalized the planet's sizable manufacturing companies. Now the Imperial Guilds have moved onto the world and are conscripting the local populace. Tensions mount between the Advent Regent's security forces and the few leftover allies of the deposed constitutional monarchies. The rural communities of the Shepherd Cities grumble at their exorbitant taxes and tariffs. The planet has turned into a breeding ground for a new rebellion. An Alliance Intelligence Fulcrum agent has started to help create a new cell on the world, with the hopes that it will eventually mature in a fighting organization that will join the Alliance.